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Anatomy of a Rehearsal

It is common knowledge (I hope) that the bulk of the musician’s work happens away from the stage. Musically speaking you have your individual practice time, and then there’s rehearsals. Musicians’ approach to rehearsals is as varied as music…

A General Guide to the Nature Documentary Music Score

Having to stay put through two instances of chicken pox gave me the opportunity to introduce my kids to the wonderful world of David Attenborough’s Blue Planet (warning: anyone watching this with their kids must also be willing to…

A Short History of the Musician's Workload

Image(c)Jesper Deleuran

Musician's workload through the ages: 

8th century: chanting, some praying, gardening, and studying religious texts. Church covers expenses. 

Around 11th century: some monk decides it'd be good to remember the tunes. Singing and solfége…