The Anatomy of Melancholy

Emily Stewart

" utterly convincing and eclectic combination of classical, jazz, and folk elements with a dash of improvisation and a soupçon of a singer-songwriter‘s perspective. It’s a musical narrative based on Robert Burton’s 1621 tome of the same name: a continuous shift from longing to melancholy with stops everywhere between."

Emily Stewart: violin, viola, voice, piano, composition, text Lukas Lauermann: cello Philipp Kienberger: double bass Lauri Elling: narrator

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Alles Bleibt

Violetta Parisini

Lyrics and music by Violetta Parisini

Alex Pohn - drums Hanibal Scheutz - bass Peter Rom- guitar Emily Stewart - violin and viola ft. Martin Klein - piano*

produced by Sixtus Preis Else Musik

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Fraufeld Vol. 2


Fraufeld Vol.2 , curated by Sara Zlanabitnig.

Features the following artists: Anna Anderluh (Vocals), Katharina Ernst (Drums), Black biuti - Katrin Hauk & Steffi Neuhuber (Flutes, E-Bass, E-Guitar, Vocals, Objects), Mona Matbou Riahi (Clarinet), Elise Mory (Keyboards) & Rina Kaçinari (Cello), Mutt/Mayr/Hackl - Johanna Forster, Birgit Michlmayr & Aurora Hackl Timón (E-Guitar, Violin, Drums), Lissie Rettenwander (Zither) Christina Ruf (Cello), Emily Stewart (Violin) & Asja Valcic (Cello), Sara Zlanabitnig (Flute) & Luiza Schulz (Electronics).

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Punches and Judies

Thekla Wagner - vocals Emily Stewart, Simon Frick - violins Martina Bischof - viola Gergely Kolosvàri - cello Josef Wagner - bass Thomas Franz Riegler - percussion, marimba, hang drum Leo Geist - drums

Music by Josef Wagner Lyrics by e. e. cummings

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KVIN: Es kann nicht lösen der Mensch

Philipp Kienberger KVIN

Raphael Kasprian: violin Emily Stewart: viola Cornelia Perwein: cello Tatjana Wurzer: piano Philipp Kienberger: double bass and composition

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Hans Wagner: vocals, piano, guitars, composition Martin Reining/Florian Sighartner: violins Wei-ya Lin/Emily Stewart: viola Raimund Seidl: cello Andi Senn: drums

(c) + (p) Problembär Records 2018 a division of Seayou Entertainment

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Clemens Wenger

NEAPEL – Clemens Wenger (synths, piano, keys, electronics) feat. Studio Dan Strings: Sophia Goidinger-Koch, Marianna Oczkowska (violins), Emily Stewart (viola), Maiken Beer (cello)

ALBUM FACTS: JWR 02/16 | © JazzWerkstatt Records 2016 LC 05010 | EAN 9006472030195 Release: March 4, 2016 Artist: Clemens Wenger Title: Neapel

all tracks composed & arranged by Clemens Wenger, except track 8 arranged by Sixtus Preiss | produced by Clemens Wenger | mixed by Clemens Wenger & Werner Angerer | mastered by Werner Angerer | co-produced by Sixtus Preiss | artwork: Karolina Preuschl | guest musicians: David Müller (acc guit) on track 6, Sixtus Preiss (drums) on tracks 3 & 6 | strings, piano, drums & guitar recorded by Robert Pavlecka (ORF RKH, Studio 2) | synthesizers, keys & electronics recorded by Clemens Wenger (Wallensteinstudio & Dorian Concept Studio)­

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Muchogusto - Una Ópera tragi-erotico

Lukas Kranzelbinder

Lukas Kranzelbinder - Composition, Libretto, Double Bass Helmut Bohatsch - Voice, Gaël Muchogusto Tobias Hoffmann - Guitar Benny Omerzell - Hammond Organ Lukas Konig - Drums Courtney Jones - Percussion Emily Stewart - Clara Sister, Violin Phoebe Stewart - Sara Sister, Violin Andreas Harrer - El Zorro, Electronics

Recorded December 2012 in Prinzersdorf, Austria by Christoph Burgstaller & Manuel Mayr Mastering by Christoph Burgstaller at Clipwerk Studio, Vienna All Songs & Lyrics written by Lukas Kranzelbinder Photography by Michaela Riess aka Zoe*Fotografie Design by Markus Riedler, zumBeispiel: Gestaltung Produced by Lukas Kranzelbinder

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